Jennifer Ogilvie

  • Sep 24, 2018

Date & Location: September 24, 2018, at 4p; Room 1200 Molecular Plant Sciences Building

Subject: Multidimensional spectroscopic studies of purple bacteria photosynthesis

Host: David Kramer

About the Speaker

University: University of Michigan

Research Interests: Purple bacteria are an important model system for probing the structure–function relationship and understanding mechanisms of photosynthetic energy transfer and charge separation. I will discuss our recent progress using 2D electronic spectroscopy (2DES) to probe the excitonic structure and charge separation mechanism of the bacterial reaction center (BRC). With excitation spanning the Qy region and broadband detection spanning Qy and Qx, we analyze the 2DES data using a multiexcitation global-fitting approach, extracting exciton energies, resolving the upper exciton state of the special pair and testing different charge separation schemes. I will also present our recent work towards developing spatially-resolved fluorescence-detected 2DES and its application to studying energy transfer in purple bacteria in vivo.